EIS Financial & Insurance Services offers surety bonds for our clients as part of our complete insurance services.

A bond is a guarantee that a service or product promised or contracted for is delivered according to the terms or promise.  Offering a bond with your product or service gives you a competitive edge and in some industries is required. EIS FINANCIAL AND INSURANCE SERVICES offers the following bond types:

•    Contractors [Performance] Bonds (guarantees the work will be done)
•    Payment Bonds (guarantees suppliers and subcontractors are paid)
•    Bid Bonds (guarantees the contractor enters the contract at the bid price)

EIS FINANCIAL AND INSURANCE SERVICES strives to perform our business with the utmost integrity. We operate in a manner that endeavors to exceed the expectations of our clients. Our staff looks forward to continually serving our clients with quality business insurance and extraordinary service. We take pride in putting you first and going the extra mile.

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