International Business Travel Insurance

Do your employees travel outside of the United States on trips to support your business operations?

Do you have any subsidiaries, joint ventures, owned or leased facilities, or permanently stationed employees located outside of the United States?

If yes, then consider coverage with International Business Travel insurance for international trips or travel. Domestic coverage may not be sufficient to address the international risks that U.S. companies face when they have employees traveling or when they are transacting business overseas.

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EIS International Business Travel package policy offers:

  • Affordable comprehensive coverage
  • Annual policy term
  • The highest level of service for international trip/travel risks
  • International claim management expertise
  • Financial strength of a carrier rated A+ (Superior) by AM Best and AA- (Strong) by S&P


If you need extended coverage for employees who travel overseas, EIS International Business Travel Policies can tailor make a package for you

. U.S-based businesses that have employees participating in company sponsored business overseas or foreign sales qualify when those employees:

  •  Travel overseas
  • Travel individually or in small groups of less than six people per flight
  • Travel up to thirty days in a single trip
  • Have annual foreign sales less than $10 million
  • Have had no foreign losses within the past five (5) years

EIS International Business Travel coverage can include:

  • Contingent  Employers Liability by Accident or Disease
  • Executive Assistance Services for emergency medical evacuation, emergency political evacuation, repatriation, lost document assistance, embassy and concierge services
  • General Liability with products
  • Kidnap and Extortion coverage
  • Natural disaster Evacuation Coverage
  • General Liability Coverage without Products

For a review of your current coverage or to make sure you have the correct coverage for your overseas business needs, contact EIS Insurance at 800-882-8080:

As an independent agency, we work for and serve our clients by representing some of the largest and most trusted names in the insurance industry. For overseas business insurance, International Business Travel will provide the coverage you need at a price you can afford. This will be the last call you will need to make for overseas business insurance needs.

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