Automobile Insurance

What does basic insurance cover?

If you are found liable for an accident, a basic automobile policy (liability insurance) pays for injury to others and damage to others' property, up to the policy limits you have selected.

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What add-on automobile insurance coverage should I consider?

    Pays for accidental damage to your covered vehicle resulting from a collision with another automobile or object.
    Pays for damage to your covered vehicle resulting from other-than- collision incidents such as vandalism, hail, flood, fire or falling objects.  It also protects you if your vehicle is broken into or stolen.
    Pays covered medical costs and/or funeral expenses for you or others injured in your covered vehicle, up to the limit you have selected.
    Pays for bodily injury to you and other passengers/drivers of your insured vehicle for accidents caused by hit-and-run, uninsured or underinsured drivers.
    Pays for reasonable expenses incurred each time your covered automobile is disabled.  Services range from towing to on-site labor and locksmiths.  You also have coverage for transportation, meals and lodging, should you be stranded.  Ask us about the many other features of this stress-saving package.
    Reimburses you, up to the stated limit, for a rental car during that time you are unable to use your vehicle because of a covered accident or other circumstances provided in your policy.
    If your car is leased or purchased through a loan and you have a total loss covered by your policy, you may still owe more on your car than its actual cash value.  This coverage will pay the “gap” between the amounts.  Certain restrictions apply.

What can I do to reduce my automobile insurance rates?

Everything from your vehicles make, model and safety features to your driving record and annual mileage may have an influence on your premium.  Talk to us about the credits and discounts that you may be eligible for.  Another tip: lower your premium by increasing your deductibles.


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