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Your home is one of your greatest financial assets. Adequate earthquake insurance to protect this investment is a critical component of prudent financial planning. In California, earthquake insurance is not a luxury; it is a vital part of your overall financial plan.

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Do I Need Separate Earthquake Coverage?
Many people simply do not understand what their homeowners insurance covers and what it does not. California homeowner policies typically cover such items as liability, fire and theft. However, flooding and earthquakes may be excluded from the average homeowner policy due to the high costs associated with these types of damage.

Unfortunately, many California homeowners never take the time to really review their policies and assume that they are covered for floods and earthquakes simply by having homeowner coverage. They are then devastated when a disaster strikes and they learn that their damage is not covered.

Whether you need separate earthquake coverage or not depends on your particular policy. If you are unsure, the best thing to do is have an expert examine your coverage and explain to you what is covered and what is not.

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What Does Earthquake Coverage Pay For?
The type of coverage you buy to protect your home from an earthquake is really dependent on your own needs and your budget. You can buy basic protection that will pay to repair your dwelling, or you can add content coverage to pay for broken items in your home. You may also wish to add a rider that pays something toward housing and expenses while your home is repaired.

The more coverage you have, the more you will generally pay. However, with the help of independent insurance agents from EIS Insurance, you may be able to find special deals that will lower your earthquake insurance costs. For example, when you add earthquake insurance coverage to your existing homeowner policy and bundle that coverage with your car, life and other insurance policies, you may be able to save a great deal of money.

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