Condominium Insurance


Who Pays for the Damage to Your Possessions?

As an owner of a condominium unit, you are also a member of your condo association. As you are probably aware, the association carries condominium insurance on the basic structures and property. Chances are though, association insurance does not cover the interior of your unit.

If your building was damaged, you would find that everything from the framing in -- including wall finishing, appliances and fixtures, household goods, perhaps even the plumbing and heating -- is your responsibility. And without an individual Condo Unit Owners Policy, such a loss would leave you financially responsible.

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The Condominium Insurance Policy Protects:

  • Personal Belongings, including furniture, clothing, appliances and much more.
  • Loss of Use, for living expenses, when the home is damaged and uninhabitable.
  • Personal Liability, which protects you and your family against a claim or lawsuit if someone is injured or their property is damaged, while you are at home.
  • Building Additions and Alterations, the built-in improvements and alterations you have made to your condominium unit (e.g., bookshelves) are covered.



What Add-On Coverage Should I Consider?

  • Loss Assessment Coverage. This option will pay up to the limits that you have selected for your share of a loss assessment imposed by your condominium association. This coverage is subject to the hazards covered by your policy.
  • Special Personal Property Coverage. This option covers the contents of your condo against almost any risk - whether the loss occurs at home or away from home. (Individual policies may exclude certain hazards.)
  • Coverage for Other Structures. This option covers structures separate from your condominium unit, owned solely by you (such as a garage or cabaña) and located on the premises described in your policy.
  • Units Regularly Rented to Others. When you rent your unit, you may want the broader coverage available with this option.


Ask us about special credits or discounts for which you may be eligible.

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